Sports & Leisure

Our range of specialist gases are ideal for the Sports & Leisure industry. Thanks to our wide range of gases and special fills, we are able to provide gas for most sports & leisure requirements.


When using any compressed CO2 paintball gun, air soft, airgun, or weapon, safety should always take a top priority, especially when it comes to fully understanding how to use this propellant gas as safely as possible.

Used within the police force, military, and even athletics in order to enhance a variety of different CO2 and specialist training weapons, CO2 paintball guns, airguns and weapons use special gas fillings with lubricating additives in order to extend the life of these weapons and of course, optimise performance in some of the most challenging and demanding environments.



CO2 tyre inflators offer exceptional inflation, performance, and speed. Since gas cylinders were first introduced as part of a motorcycle repair kit during the 1980s, they have continued to thrive, becoming an integral part of innovative inflators, and hybrid pumps.

We offer a fantastic choice of high performance gas cylinders, from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. All of the tyre inflators we provide have been manufactured to the highest possible standard, in line with strict industry requirements.