Professional Uses

Nitrous Oxide can be used across a diverse range of applications and in some surprising sectors!

From propellants and electronics, through to automobile, laboratories, and analysis, as well as pharmaceuticals, there are so many ways that Nitrous Oxide can be used to accommodate the demands of many specialist applications.


Propellants – Nitrous Oxide can be used as a multi-purpose propellant across a diverse range of industries, delivering higher performance in various applications.


Electronics – From medical devices and lifesaving technology, through to sports and leisure equipment, and safety and security applications, Nitrous Oxide can be used to amplify the performance of a wide range of electronic devices.


Automobile – Nitrous Oxide is also an effective driving force behind a number of automobile applications.


Laboratories and analysis – There is also a Nitrous Oxide cylinder that is suitable for accommodating the specific demands of laboratory and analysis research.


Pharmaceuticals – Now used as an effective pain management treatment, Nitrous Oxide is commonly used during childbirth, end of life care, or following trauma.


Special Effects – In recent years, different forms of gas cylinders have become an effective and safer alternative to many dangerous pyrotechnical special effects, providing a memorable dimension to parties and events, or as part of theatre productions


Photosynthesis Analysis – The relevance and significance of scientific research very much depends on the reliability of the instruments used. Using high quality gases can instantly improve all cleaning and production process, especially when conducting highly sensitive research and research involving environmental engineering systems.


Tele-Anesthesia – When it comes to administering treatments and carrying out stress free examinations on animals, many vets rely on a gentle anaesthesia. CO2 based tranquilizer guns and our manufacturers gas cylinders have been proven to deliver a fast, reliable, and gentle application of the narcotic.


Wine Preservation – Over the years, our manufacturers have continued to prove that they are an effective solution when it comes to the enhancement and development of new food systems in the culinary industry. In fact, a number of well-known manufacturers of wine preservation equipment rely on the quality and purity of our gas cylinders to maximise wine preservation.


As you can see, Nitrous Oxide is used across a diverse range of specialist industries and sectors. From inflating, pressurization, and propulsion, through to cooling or mechanical energy, gas cylinders from our manufacturers are perfectly equipped to accommodate the bespoke demands that come hand in hand with the way every system functions.