Life-Saving Equipment

Although we have become the trusted supplier of CO2 and gas to a wealth of high profile clients operating within the food and catering industry, we also provide a great range of high performance gas-based products that can be used in conjunction with applications that are used to save and preserve life.

Offering reliable and responsive performance in every emergency situation, our products will ensure that you are always well prepared. In any emergency, time is of the essence and every second counts. With this is mind, it’s vital that you have the live saving equipment you need to handle any emergency situation quickly and effectively.

All of the gas cylinders we provide have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the high industry standards adopted by applications needed for the medical industry. We are dedicated to constantly expanding our portfolio with the very latest and innovative products, which allows us to consistently improve and develop our product portfolio.


Our gas cylinders are frequently used within the Aviation sector to quickly and effectively inflate aviation life jackets. Whether it’s FAA- or CAA-compliant life jackets, our comprehensive cylinders have been rigorously tested in order to ensure that they comply with the aviation industry’s stringent quality and safety standards.


Suitable for industry applications on cruise ships, fishing boats, tankers, oil rigs, and even luxury yachts, our expansive range of gas cylinders are perfectly equipped to offer split-second inflation of all lifesaving equipment when you need it the most. From lifesaving jackets and life buoys, through to two-man life rafts, you can rest assured that all of the gas cylinders we provide are fully compliant with international standards, such as EN-ISO 12402-7. But that’s not all – they are also recognised by official bodies such as the Underwriters Laboratories in the United States.


We provide a whole host of gas-based products that are suitable for inflating equestrian safety vests, so you will be able to enjoy every adventure on horseback, safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected. Offering superior protection and coverage, Equestrian Safety Air Vests have been designed to provide optimum support, whilst protecting your neck, back, lower back, and vital organs. But this doesn’t mean that you will be restricted, Equestrian Safety Air vests have been designed to allow you to move freely.


When you’re travelling on the open road, it’s vital that you take your safety seriously and ensure that all parts of your body are protected. All safety air vests can be teamed with your leather jacket or full leather.


Our gases strive to help those who protect us. Used in real life and death situations as well as training, our products are with those who protect us and our liberty and safety every step of the way. Supplying non-lethal solutions to many, including some of the most elite military training organizations and weapons manufactures helping to make the world a safer place.