Gas and Whipper Safety

Working with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we have sold more than 50,000 cream whippers over the past 5 years.

All of the cream whippers and cream chargers we supply have been manufactured to the highest possible standard in order to optimise performance, reliability, and functionality in a wide range of commercial kitchen environments.

Offering outstanding performance when it comes to whipping up sauces, mousses, whipped cream, and more, all of our products not only enhance productivity in the kitchen, but they also offer great value for money.

We sell two types of cream whippers, including Aluminium whippers with plastic heads that are designed for use at home, and professional stainless-steel whippers, which can be used in a whole host of professional catering environments. Aluminium whippers are not suitable for heavy commercial use and must not be put into dishwashers.

In any kitchen environment, it’s vital that safety remains a top priority, especially when it comes to preventing accidents. After all, the kitchen is full of potentially harmful tools, utensils, and appliances that, if not used correctly, could cause accidents.

Nobody likes to think that the worst could happen, however safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when you’re choosing kitchen appliances from trusted and professional suppliers.

After all, manufacturers that take short cuts with safety features and manufacturing processes, instantly put their customers at risk, and this can result in tragedy.

For example, it was recently reported in the media that a lady tragically died after buying a cheap Chinese-made whipper online. Rebecca Burger, a lifestyle blogger, who was only 33 when she suffered a cardiac arrest after the whipped cream dispense has exploded and stuck to her chest has been injecting gas into the metal canister when it exploded.

This once again highlights the importance of going to a reputable supplier for all of your kitchen appliances, including whipped cream dispensers.

Gas Cartridge Safety

N20 Nitrous Oxide

Important safety information:


C02 Carbon Dioxide Cartridges

More information about CO2:
CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is an odourless, colourless, non-inflammable gas with a light sour taste, it does not contain any minerals, salts, or other solid ingredients. Our CO2 Chargers are filled with 100% pure CO2.

For soda syphons, you should use 2 for a 1L and 3 for a 2 litre, as an explosion could occur from excessive pressure if you use more than stated.

Warning – The cartridge is filled with liquefied gas under high pressure. Please ensure that the cartridge is empty of gas before removing it from your device. Cartridges can get extremely cold when punctured.
If you are burnt by freezing gas, you must immediately seek medical advice. A high-pressure gas burn can cause deep tissue damage, which is not always immediately obvious at the time of the injury.


Carriage by Sea or Road

The cartridges are safe for both sea and road transport

UN 1070 Nitrous Oxide, Class 2.2 [5.1] – not subject to ADR or IMDG providing there is no more than 25 g of the gas under SP 584
In the case of our chargers and cartridges, all items are well under the 25g level and as such has special provision for both Sea & Road transport.